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    Art Director

    Do you have an eye for design?

    We are looking for a creative Art Director with agency experience to translate marketing and branding strategies into innovative and impressive campaigns that stimulate targeted audiences. Candidates should have hands-on experience in a fast-paced, team environment with brand development, campaign creation, web design and best practices, print/digital production as well as photography/video direction.

    Must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and possess excellent typography, color and design skills. B-to-B experience, awareness of digital media and evolving platforms, familiarity with wire-framing tools, video editing and photography experience are all a plus.

    Full-time and freelance opportunities.

    We offer competitive salaries, 401(k), profit sharing, comprehensive health benefits and some really great co-workers.

    Please include resume, salary history and portfolio when applying.

    Staff Writer

    We are looking for a talented full-time Staff Writer to translate complex topics (technology, medical, industrial products, legal, finance) into regular pieces of compelling original content used in public relations, social media and sales initiatives.

    Candidates should have the ability to work closely with engineers, software developers, product managers, and other subject-matter experts to understand products and services, identify story angles, and produce compelling copy that meets business goals. Technical writing experience is preferred.

    Must be a prolific writer capable of understanding complex businesses and producing regular content (articles, blog copy, case studies) for a variety of industries.

    We offer competitive salaries, 401(k), profit sharing, comprehensive health benefits, and some really great co-workers.

    Please include resume and portfolio (writing samples) when applying.

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      Ernie Thomas Stiegler

      VP, Client Engagement

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      Considerations when deploying a digital marketing strategy

      It’s time for your digital marketing initiative to go beyond just building awareness. You need to place your brand in front of prospects at just the right moment when they are specifically looking to act and are looking for your products and services. 

      Here are two things to consider the next time you are looking to deploy a strategic digital marketing initiative that meets the needs of your prospects throughout the customer journey, helping convert leads to sales.

      digital marketing

      Digital Marketing Consideration #1: In-Market Targeting

      Building an in-market targeting strategy requires an understanding of your prospect buying process. To begin mapping out this process consider starting with a few simple questions:

      1. How are your customers searching for your products and services? 
      2. Where are your best customers/ prospects located? 
      3. How long are they considering before buying?

      Answers to these questions are most likely hiding in the walls of data within your Google Analytics. Don’t worry – we can help you find them!

      With this information in hand, you can narrow in on the most effective digital media channels to elevate your visibility throughout the consumer buying process. From initial search and consideration all the way to converted sale. 

      Digital Marketing Consideration #2: Audience Segmentation

      Your customers and prospects deserve tailored experiences based on their interests and interactions with your brand. A smart digital marketing strategy provides the ability to segment your audience, improving the relevancy of communications.  

      Remarketing is a digital media tactic utilized to display advertisements to customers and prospects based on their interaction with your website. With remarketing, you can stay in front of your audience during the decision-making process and even provide an incentive to complete the conversion. 

      Email marketing can also be leveraged as an audience segmentation tool. Email communications should differ between customers and prospects. The ability to tailor email communications is only limited by the quality of your email list.

      Marketing automation is yet another tool to segment your audience based on interactions with your website or email communications. Marketing automation workflows can be used to automate the distribution of relevant email communications, a powerful tactic to encourage prospects to take the next step.

      We deployed all of these tactics to grow e-commerce sales by more than 100% for our client BuildClean. You can learn more about that here.

      Ernie Thomas Stiegler

      VP, Client Engagement

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