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Advertising Design Intern

SWBR is looking for a creative intern who is a detail-oriented, problem-solver with a positive attitude. Join our team to work on a wide range of projects, do research and participate in brainstorms and ideations. You will assist our team to gain valuable, real-world experience. We need someone who can jump right in and help out wherever needed.

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- Adobe After Effects and video editing experience is a plus
- Currently enrolled as a junior or senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree related to advertising, marketing or design

SWBR is an equal opportunity employer of all protected classes, including veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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Mikala Campbell

Junior Art Director

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The value of a unified brand identity

In a world where instant communication is a prominent part of daily life, it may seem counterintuitive to spend time developing a unified brand identity. If communicating quickly and effectively is your priority as a brand, why bother with exploring fonts and color swatches?

unified brand identity

The answer is that developing and maintaining a cohesive brand identity is one of the best ways to attract and cultivate customer interaction.

Before we discuss the value of a unified brand identity, let’s first explore what that actually means. The first thing that may come to mind when thinking about a brand’s identity is the logo. The logo is the most important part of a brand’s identity. It will appear on all branded materials and should clearly communicate the company’s name and purpose.

What other elements work together to solidify a brand’s identity? Font choice, brand colors and photographic treatment, are just a few examples of crucial elements that work together to solidify a brand’s presence.

Taking the time to ensure that your brand has fleshed out all of these elements is imperative in ensuring that your brand becomes recognizable, distinct and consistent.

A unified brand identity communicates confidence, professionalism and competence to your customers. First impressions are critical when it comes to standing out as a brand.

Maintaining your brand identity on social media, your website and all printed materials is a great way to communicate to a potential customer that you know your brand, and that you know your business.

A brand identity does not have to be flashy or extravagant to stand out. It is better to stay within your brand guidelines than to step outside of them with different fonts or photographic styles which could potentially make your brand appear inconsistent. In marketing, branding consistency is a surefire way to instill confidence in your customers.

A unified brand identity creates brand recognition, which can lead to increased sales. Applying a consistent brand identity to all elements of advertising is a surefire way to leave a mark on potential clients. Whether it is a billboard, website or business card, maintaining consistent branding will serve as reminders to potential and current customers that you are available and ready for their business.

Brand recognition also leads to word of mouth discussions of your business, which further solidifies your company’s place in the mind of potential customers. 

A unified brand identity is pleasing to the eye. Don’t underestimate the value of customers simply enjoying the look of a brand or product. The ‘aesthetic’ of a brand or product is more important now than ever. Grabbing the attention of a potential customer with a visually pleasing brand identity is a valuable point of contact.

In enjoying your brand identity, potential customers may learn more about your company which is one more way that your brand’s consistency could lead to attracting new customers.

It’s important to not take your brand identity for granted. Cultivating the brand identity of your business is a critical investment which will surely lead to more opportunities for you and your brand.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Contact SWBR to get started on cultivating your brand identity. Invest in your brand today and let the magic of branding lead your business to success.

Mikala Campbell

Junior Art Director

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