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    Art Director

    Do you have an eye for design?

    We are looking for a creative Art Director with agency experience to translate marketing and branding strategies into innovative and impressive campaigns that stimulate targeted audiences. Candidates should have hands-on experience in a fast-paced, team environment with brand development, campaign creation, web design and best practices, print/digital production as well as photography/video direction.

    Must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and possess excellent typography, color and design skills. B-to-B experience, awareness of digital media and evolving platforms, familiarity with wire-framing tools, video editing and photography experience are all a plus.

    Full-time and freelance opportunities.

    We offer competitive salaries, 401(k), profit sharing, comprehensive health benefits and some really great co-workers.

    Please include resume, salary history and portfolio when applying.

    Staff Writer

    We are looking for a talented full-time Staff Writer to translate complex topics (technology, medical, industrial products, legal, finance) into regular pieces of compelling original content used in public relations, social media and sales initiatives.

    Candidates should have the ability to work closely with engineers, software developers, product managers, and other subject-matter experts to understand products and services, identify story angles, and produce compelling copy that meets business goals. Technical writing experience is preferred.

    Must be a prolific writer capable of understanding complex businesses and producing regular content (articles, blog copy, case studies) for a variety of industries.

    We offer competitive salaries, 401(k), profit sharing, comprehensive health benefits, and some really great co-workers.

    Please include resume and portfolio (writing samples) when applying.

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      In the digital age, creative is still king

      As digital ad spending surpasses traditional this year, one thing is certain, creative is still king.

      There is no doubt we are in the digital age of advertising with research showing that total online media buys will generate more than $172 billion in revenue by 2021. It’s easy to see the appeal, as the results of data-driven digital ads are not only measurable but are also easier to adjust than traditional means. 

      Whether digital or traditional, all ads have a similar goal – to drive the target audience to take action. As message delivery changes from print and TV to web banners and social ads, one constant remains the same – the importance of the message itself. That’s where creative comes in.

      in the digital age, creative is still king

      Creative strategy and effective execution should compel the target audience. An ad without great creative will fall flat. It will compel the audience – to ignore it. No matter what form of media is used for ad distribution, the marketing dollars to place that ad are wasted if the messaging and visuals aren’t engaging.

      There is a relatively simple process to ensure effective creative. Know the problem you are solving, know the audience you are speaking to, and know the client inside and out.

      We had the opportunity to develop a creative strategy for Paslode, a leading manufacturer of nailers, to introduce an innovative framing nailer system. Our research found, in a highly competitive market, the brand needed to not only expand its reach beyond traditional advertising, it also had to move away from ads commonly seen in the tool category. 

      We created two engaging and entertaining videos that presented the product’s benefits. The creative strategy of shifting away from the typical tool ad proved successful as it drove nearly 750,000 impressions. In a cluttered stream of social content, the videos held the attention of the audience, with nearly 370,000 views lasting more than a minute. The award-winning video campaign allowed Paslode to engage a large piece of its audience in a way the brand had previously never done.


      It pays to work with an agency that has a sound strategy behind their creative. Hire the right people to get the most bang for your digital buck.

      Contact SWBR to see how we can help your business thrive.


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