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Oct 24

SWB&R launches redesigned, responsive website for Arrow Fastener

SWB&R recently launched a redesigned and fully responsive website for Arrow Fastener, providing the world-renowned fastening tool company with an interactive and user friendly experience.

Arrow Fastener has three main goals with delivering a fresh

  1. Refresh the Arrow Fastener brand
  2. Seamlessly connect Arrow consumers to retail partners
  3. Boost Arrow’s online presence by creating a fun, customer-centric site.


Working closely with our client on project scope, visual design and site development, we believe we delivered on all three.

Who is Arrow Fastener?

For more than 80 years, the Saddle Brook, NJ-based Arrow Fastener has empowered their consumers to tackle and complete simple home projects quickly, cleanly and, ultimately, with pride. Their most popular tool — the Arrow T50 staple gun — is the best-selling staple gun in the history of staple guns, with more than 50 million sold worldwide.

Though the company has seen great success for nearly a century, Arrow Fastener was looking to make changes with their digital presence and enhance the presentation of their staple guns, glue guns, rivet guns, hammer tackers, nail guns, fasteners and more.

SWB&R’s team was there to lend a helping, creative hand.

A screenshot of

A screenshot showing the flavor of Arrow Fastener’s redesigned and fully responsive website.

In a mobile-first world, the new is fully responsive across all platforms, and designed specifically to reduce loading days or technical glitches. As a result, customers have the same experience, regardless of being on their mobile device, desktop or laptop.

Designed for convenience, consumers can easily locate tools and fasteners to complete their various home and DIY projects, along with detailed descriptions of each product. The site provides a clean shopping experience by connecting the consumer to Arrow Fastener’s many retail partners.

Awesome Online Presence for Awesome Consumers

With a target audience comprised of 20-to-30-year olds, and new or existing homeowners, Arrow Fastener wanted to provide solutions to any questions customers had concerning home and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

Now, the site offers relatable content in the form of how-to videos, professional tips, social media engagement, and project ideas.

A user can follow easy steps to reupholster a chair by watching one of Arrow Fastener’s how-to videos, along with reading about the tools needed and learning where they can find them. They can also scroll through the company’s Pinterest boards and Instagram pictures to uncover new projects.

And if they want to connect even further, users can follow the company on their YouTube channel, and Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

A screenshot from the redesigned

“Bold” and “creative” was exactly our approach in reshaping the look, feel and navigation of